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CK Power is a trusted supplier of generator sets for all your prime power, continuous power and standby power needs. Our gen-sets serve a wide range of markets including marine, natural gas, commercial vehicle fleets and more.

Tier 4 Generators

Final Tier 4 generators are diesel-fueled power generators that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 emission regulations. These regulations reduce harmful exhaust emissions and increase generator efficiency. In the long run, this results in a smaller carbon footprint, lower upkeep costs and cleaner prime and standby power for oil and gas, industrial, telecommunications and other applications.

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Tier 3 Generators

Upgrading to final Tier 4 equipment can be an expensive endeavor. Repowering existing Tier 3 power generators is a cost-effective strategy for remaining compliant with EPA emission standards before it’s time to replace gen-sets with final Tier 4 models. This approach works for both prime and standby power in marine, agriculture, construction and other applications.

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Mobile Generators

The ideal mobile generator must be small enough to be moveable, but large enough to meet the on-site power needs for applications like disaster relief or live entertainment. Mobile generators can be used for either standby or prime power. Explore trailer mounting or other mobility options.

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Marine Generators

Marine generators power a range of watercraft and watercraft equipment including tugboats, pusher boats, deck winches, auxiliary tools, and even pleasure vessels like speedboats or luxury yachts. Unlike other power generators, some marine generators follow the less intense Tier 3 regulations, not final Tier 4.

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Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators burn cleaner than their diesel fuel counterparts. Low noise, low odor and direct connection to gas lines make natural gas generators ideal for providing standby or prime power for residences, businesses or anywhere people gather.

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Portable Generators

Portable power generators provide reliable power in remote locations, during severe weather or natural disasters, or at on-the-go job sites. Portable power generators are compact, light and easy to use, making them an ideal solution when space is limited.

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Containerized Generators

Containerized generators are large, powerful units packaged in intermodal containers. Because these gen sets are both towable and highly customizable, they are useful for a variety of heavy-duty applications, including mining, oil and gas, construction, festivals, and more. Containerized generators must meet final Tier 4 guidelines.

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Commercial vehicle generators

Telecom, utility and other providers depend on commercial vehicle generators for reliable, all-day power for their fleets. These mobile 7 kW gen-sets can run on gasoline or propane, are powerful enough to meet service trucks’ needs without overheating and fit easily into the vehicle.

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Custom power products

If something from our catalogue comes close to what you need, we can alter it to match your application’s spec. From engine types and sound ratings to dimensions and more, we tailor our products to you.

Cradle-to-grave service

Whether you buy one power generator or 500, CK Power proudly provides cradle-to-grave repair and planned maintenance services to ensure your equipment is ready at the moment it’s called into service, no matter how unexpected.

Day or night, weekend or holiday, our experienced professionals are ready to provide support services for all our products when you need it most.

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CK Power’s full line of power gen sets, array of custom power products and commitment to cradle-to-grave service makes us a reliable partner for all your power needs.

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