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CK Power is your complete source for off-highway power, with a full line of standard power products and a 90-year reputation for engineering the impossible.

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Our areas of expertise

Delivering power solutions tailored to your application

Any product, at any kW output, tailored to the needs of any market. But we’re much more than a vendor. Expect quick lead times, durable products — and to receive all the product support and training you need as you roll out the units.

Designing and building never-before-seen power products
Designing and building never-before-seen power products

No existing product to solve your application problem? We’ll collaborate with your engineering team to transform your idea into a real, working product at a fair price. We’ve done it for hospitals, manufacturers and North America’s leading transit company. And we can do it for you.

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Providing product support, parts and service

We’ll perform preventative maintenance for any product to keep your equipment running good as new for years to come. And whether you bought from CK Power yesterday or 20 years ago, we’ll answer your calls and provide whatever parts or service is necessary to resolve any issues that may arise.

Designing and building never-before-seen power products

Proud supplier of these leading brands

How we're different from the competition

We're always on call

For support requests, quick turnarounds, first-in-class products. And if we don’t have an answer immediately, you’ll receive a response within 48 hours and transparent communication until we do.

We’re leaders in off-highway power

One of our dealers said it best. "To be honest, I’m shocked. I just came back from a large rental show, and a lot of people had no idea we could design, build and support this size of Tier 4 Final products."

We’re a family-owned business

And we're a company built on customer relationships. As we continue to grow and evolve, cultivating and maintaining these relationships will continue to be our principal priority.

We prioritize value over price

Others sell products, but we establish partnerships. For those who understand the quality of our products, engineering support and customer service, there’s no comparison — not even dollar to dollar.

What it's like to work with CK Power

Clients generally come to us for two reasons: To purchase a product or fleet of products customized to their application, or to work with our engineering team to design and build a custom power solution from the ground up.

Here's what each of those processes look like:

Purchase a fleet of products

We help fleet managers identify and configure the engines and generators best-suited for their application

See how we've done it for others
  • 1

    to your application-specific challenges and what you expect out of this product.

  • 2

    a product that will meet your needs — and any customizations you may require.

  • 3

    with you and your procurement team to refine the specs and remain within budget.

  • 4

    your order quickly and provide any training you need as you roll out the products.

  • 5

    you through cradle-to-grave support and service.

Build custom power solutions

We help design engineers develop never-before-seen power products to overcome any application problem.

See how we custom-engineer products
  • 1

    the problem you’re trying to solve — and consider possible solutions.

  • 2

    a smart, simple, scalable solution while collaborating with your team every step of the way.

  • 3

    relationships with any third-party experts, while serving as your single point of contact for the project.

  • 4

    and modify the design until it precisely meets your needs.

  • 5

    the products, exactly as specified, in the agreed-upon timeline.

  • 6

    your team on how to use these custom-built products.

  • 7

    you through cradle-to-grave support and service.


Answer your questions about off-highway power

Our learning center is where design engineers and fleet managers go to learn more about selecting off-highway power equipment, overcoming application-specific challenges and achieving compliance.

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