Electrification is more than just the future – it’s happening now across every application from agriculture to on-highway semitrucks.

Even so, charging infrastructure has been slow to catch up with demand. Not every location has power grid access, let alone a tie-in large enough to handle the high-capacity loads needed to charge batteries in heavy-duty applications.

Hybrid charging systems open the door to remote flexibility, ensuring your electric fleet runs when and where you need it.

Engineered for unique applications

When relying on in-ground chargers isn’t an option for your remote construction site or your cross-country electric bus route, hybrid charging systems might be the solution you need.

Our user-friendly towable and containerized systems include a power range of 20-625kW, built-in HVAC, cold weather starting aids and a walk-in operator room separated from engine noise, fumes and heat. Combined, these features guarantee safe, steady power without limiting where you can operate.

Power your application at minimal cost and maximum efficiency

Hybrid charging systems from CK Power add greater precision for guaranteed improved performance and efficiency. These include:

  • Powerful reliable electronics
  • Next-generation fuel systems
  • Innovative air ducts
  • Durable after-treatment components
  • Lower ownership costs over total life cycle
  • Custom maintenance programs
  • Cradle-to-grave support
  • Minimal changes to existing application

The perfect hybrid charging system is out there — and we’ll help you find it

Our process helps you find your ideal hybrid charging system, fast. Whether you know the exact specs your battery charger will need or just know you need a solution to charge your electric fleet, our experts will work with you every step of the way.

We tailor products to your needs. From powering electric construction equipment to providing remote transit charging, our engineers have built for innovators across a dozen industries.

Choose from our long list of standard engineered solutions or craft your own with parts from John Deere and Volvo Penta. Towable trailer attachments and vehicle-specific battery chargers are also available. If something from our catalog comes close, we can alter it to match your application’s specs.

Need multi-vehicle charging? Connect multiple battery chargers to one power source to create a power system.

A containerized hybrid charging system

Hybrid charging system charging a transit bus' electric battery

Acceptance testing before installation

To prove your hybrid charging system operates as intended, we run it through our diagnostics test cell first. This ensures you get the most power from the cleanest, quietest package possible. If you change your mind about which mobility options or types of battery chargers you want, we’ll modify and deliver.

Start your power consultation now

Whatever your generator application requires, we’re committed to supplying you with a fuel-efficient, reliable solution. If you’re looking for something beyond the catalog, contact us to get started on your custom unit or gen-set.