Now there’s a new, cost-effective alternative to buying new Tier 4 certified equipment — our Engine Replacement and Refurbishment Programs.

We have two programs to quickly upgrade your equipment to current EPA regulations:

1. Engine Replacement / Swap Program
CK Power can offer a drop-in new replacement engine to bring your equipment back to life. We can swap the engine at one of our facilities, or we can send the engine to you for upfit and swap.
2. Equipment Refurb / Replace Program
CK Power can provide a scope of work to refurb / replace your existing piece of equipment / fleet. We are able to provide rebuilt or new components for your equipment as well as replacing / swapping the engine.

Essentially, these two programs upgrade existing equipment to comply with Tier 4 — for a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.

What is a replacement engine?

It’s a new engine — not a re-manufactured engine. It’ll come straight from the factory equipped with a new warranty. We’ll order an engine that matches the option codes of your existing engine, or our team can make those changes for you.

Why have your equipment completely refurbished?

The “before-and-after” photo says it all. The generator in the “after” photo runs like new, complies with all EPA regulations and is covered with a new engine warranty.



Benefits of our Engine Replacement and Refurbishment Programs

  • The new engine comes from the factory with a new 2 year / 2,000 hour warranty.
  • Extends the life of older Tier 2 and 3 generators by cost-effectively upgrading them to Tier 4.
  • You can keep your existing control panel, radiator, air and exhaust systems — which saves money, especially when compared with the cost of buying all-new Tier 4 equipment.
  • You can use in-stock replacement engines for faster lead times, so you get your newly refurbished equipment quickly.
  • Your replacement engine comes complete with oil, water and fuel systems.
  • The new engine will also come with rotating electrical, water pump or injection pump and ECU if equipped.

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