If your new diesel power generator, whether it’s stationary or mobile, acts as the prime source of power while deployed, it is now governed by the EPA’s Tier 4 emission standards. Final Tier 4 generators emit less particulate matter (PM) and lower levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx), harmful pollutants that are known to contribute to the problem of ground-level ozone, otherwise known as smog. In accordance with these new standards, CK Power has designed its line of Tier 4 generators to reduce the emission of such pollutants.

CK Power offers a full line of both mobile and stationary Tier 4 diesel power generators, with the staff and the expertise to make sure you get the right product for your application. We have diesel power generators over a large kW range to ensure the right power option for you is readily available. For mobile generators, we have both skid-mounted and towable models. No matter what your generator application calls for, we’re committed to supplying the right product. Beyond the plug-and-play solutions listed below, we offer Tier 4 consultations for those who need a customized solution. 

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You can download our Tier 4 mobile generator brochure here, or by filling out the form below. For all of the final Tier 4 qualified products we offer, click here to download our Tier 4 product catalog.

Final Tier 4 Low Power

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK15KM-T4 12kW 15kW
CK25KM-T4 20kW 25kW
CK35KM-T4 30kW 35kW

Final Tier 4 Mid Power:

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK60JD-T4 45kW 50kW
CK68JD-T4 50kW 55kW
CK75JD-T4 60kW 65kW
CK100JD-T4 75kW 80kW
CK137JD-T4 100kW 110kW

Final Tier 4 High Power:

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK175VM-T4 120kW 140kW
CK200VM-T4 140kW 160kW
CK230VM-T4 160kW 180kW
CK250VM-T4 180kW 200kW
CK300VM-T4 225kW 250kW
CK375VM-T4 275kW 300kW
CK430VM-T4 325kW 350kW
CK680VM-T4 500kW




CK780VM-T4 550kW




Final Tier 4 Container Packages:

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKC680VM-T4 500kW 550kW
CKC780VD-T4 550kW 625kW

(Twin Pack)

800kW 900kW

(Twin Pack)

1000kW 1100kW

(Twin Pack)

1100kW 1250kW


* More models, options and features upon request