"The John Deere generators from CK Power last three or four years longer compared to the competitive engines in the fleet. Other than just doing routine service, we can almost forget about them for about 10 years."

– Bill Foster, American Commercial Barge Lines.

"I’ve got a long history with CK Power. It’s a first-class organization as a distributor. We get very good support – a lot of really good information that we need for the products."

– Tom Bottoms, Marine Systems Inc.

We provide a complete offering of marine generators and auxiliary engines to meet customers’ specific applications. Our systems are among the most dependable on the water. When our customers purchase our marine products, they gain access to unparalleled service and support. Benefits include:

  • Engine solutions with low fuel economy, low emissions output and low cost of ownership
  • Extensive service dealer network
  • Engineers and provides marine generators and auxiliary engines to meet customer specific applications
  • A complete product offering of marine generators, marine auxiliary deck engines and prime power generator sets
  • Products with proven durability and dependability on inland waterways
  • Experienced parts, service and repair staff

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