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Getting marine diesel generators right

Reliability is key on the water. When selecting a new marine diesel generator based on the right power needs of the vessel, maintaining an existing marine diesel generator or executing a repower of a marine diesel generator that’s still seaworthy, it’s crucial to get the details right so as to never lose power while on the water.

Determining the kW requirements of a vessel is usually the first hurdle to overcome when selecting a marine diesel generator. A pushboat, for instance, may require power for a few computers, the vessel’s lighting, an air compressor, air conditioning, a television and other miscellaneous electronics. Breaking the power requirements of each of these applications individually can help a buyer to hone in on a vessel’s power requirements. In most cases, those familiar with the particular vessel will have a pretty good idea of its needs, but consulting with a supplier to decide on a marine diesel generator set with the right kW output is always a good idea.

Deciding on a marine diesel generator repower

Many marine vessel owners will opt for a generator repower, rather than a full replacement, if they feel that their current gen set isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. High fuel consumption is an issue that is often addressed by a repower. Older marine diesel generators often simply can’t match the efficiency offered by a gen set with newer components.

Repowers can also help to bring your generator into compliance with current EPA emission standards. If your vessel operates in an area with stricter emissions standards, opting for a repower can be a cost-efficient method for achieving compliance.

Marine diesel generator repowers can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Repowers often deliver the added benefits of less downtime and cost savings as well. If you suspect your marine generator isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, discussing a repower with your gen set provider could be a good option, as long as the provider has staff familiar with the parts, service and repair that a repower requires.

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Final Tier 4 and marine diesel generators

With the implementation deadline for final Tier 4 diesel engines just recently behind us, some owners are still wondering if this rule applies to marine diesel generator applications. The answer is, while they may tighten in the future, final Tier 4 regulations do not currently apply to marine diesel generators, even if they are the prime source of electrical power for a marine vessel.

New marine diesel generators are still governed according to the EPA’s Tier 3 criteria. That said, it’s still important to remember that applications other than power generation can be affected by the final Tier 4 standards. Diesel generators on the decks of vessels, for instance, that are used to power things like auxiliary tools, deck winches or other equipment that’s not being run off the vessel’s main power source are still subject to final Tier 4 emission standards.

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