Hospital backup generators from CK Power

10 seconds after a power outage, hospital backup power systems must be up, running and distributing power to life-safety and critical loads throughout the facility. No delays, no exceptions.

And because lives depend on hospital safety communication systems, medical equipment and fire pumps, stricter regulations are placed on emergency power systems for hospitals, surgery centers and other care facilities.

Standard backup power solutions for the healthcare industry are far from standard. We know this, and it’s why we not only provide industry-leading engineering support before the sale — but also cradle-to-grave product support, testing, maintenance after the sale to ensure your hospital’s backup generators always kick on, no matter what.

Critical standby power for hospitals

With products ranging from 5 kW to 2,000 kW, CK Power Systems‘ emergency standby power solutions are ready to meet the backup power and redundancy needs of even the largest healthcare facilities. While these are some of the most reliable, powerful hospital backup generators on the market, it’s CK Power’s experienced, flexible engineering and product support teams that ensure quality, compliance and uptime in the long term.

Innovative hospital power solutions from tenured engineers

Rather than providing off-the-shelf power solutions, we first seek to understand the specific backup power needs of your facility. Only then will our engineering team begin to design, customize and deliver a system tailored precisely to the needs of your application.

Whether that means performing minor customizations to meet your performance requirements or engineering a design-build power solution from the ground up —like we did for a Veteran’s Affairs campus in just 14 weeks— our team has the expertise and dedication to get it done.

And throughout the process, we’ll provide all the education and support you need until your hospital’s emergency power system is installed, commissioned and prepared to provide critical backup power to your facility at a moment’s notice.

Regulatory compliance with local codes, NEC Article 700, NFPA 110 and JCAHO

Uptime matters in the healthcare industry, standards are strict and ensuring compliance for hospital emergency power systems is no small feat. Here are a few of the regulations we’ll help you comply with:

There are a lot of organizations, standards and regulations to keep in mind when designing power systems for the healthcare industry. Our team is well-versed in them and can guide you through the requirements in your area — and help ensure compliance for your facility.

To get a jumpstart on the regulatory requirements for your hospital’s power system, check out our guide to NFPA 110 —the standard for emergency and standby power systems. NFPA 110 is referenced by many of the organizations above, and covers the basic regulatory requirements of emergency power systems.

Generator testing, maintenance and record-keeping for ongoing compliance

Ongoing generator testing and maintenance is required to ensure continued compliance with all regulations and standards. We take care of all your maintenance and compliance recordkeeping needs as part of our maintenance program.

This will keep your emergency power system —including transfer switches, paralleling gear and controls— up, running and ready for the lifetime of the system. To learn more about the importance of hospital backup generator maintenance, take a look at our power generation maintenance guide.

Let’s talk about your emergency power needs

For one-on-one guidance about an emergency power system for your facility, reach out to us today. Whether you need a retrofit, new hospital backup generators or a custom-engineered solution, our engineering and sales teams will work with you to align your application’s needs with a reliable power solution.