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Whatever your power needs, CK Power is your complete source for industrial-grade generators.

Find everything you’re looking for in our full catalogue of portable, containerized, diesel, natural gas and other standby power generators. Any product can be customized to better meet your needs.

Whenever you work with CK Power, you’re covered for life. Our customizable backup power systems and prime power systems all come with lifetime service and support.

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Your unique application requires a unique power solution

prime power generator

Whatever your application, we’ve got what you need – Tier 4 generators for hospitals, agriculture equipment, mining, remote festivals, disaster relief and more. We engineer our prime power and standby power systems to your specifications.

Do you need sound-attenuation? You got it. Remote monitoring? We’re on it. John Deere, Volvo or Kubota generators or engines? Let’s get started.

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prime power generator

Select from a wide range of wattages: 6.5 kW to 1,250 kW

tier 4 generator set

For your equipment to run correctly, you need to size your diesel and natural gas generators correctly. Fortunately, our experts are ready to help you determine your critical power needs.

Create the perfect industrial-grade generator for you with options like mobile generators available for smaller wattage applications, and containerized generators with customizable configurations available for heavy-duty operations.

tier 4 generator set

Dependable critical power reduces downtime

Downtime is unacceptable for many critical industries. That makes reliable primary and backup power systems vital to your operations.

Partner with CK Power for world-class engineering and a product support team dedicated to keeping your critical facility up and running.

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