Finding a mobile generator that meets your specific requirements off the grid takes a little imagination.

You’ve got to be able to haul it around, so it needs to be sized just right.

Engineered for unique applications

If you under-size your generator, it will work overtime and ultimately fail to power your site adequately. If you over-size? You overpay, and it isn’t just the sticker price. Over the course of your generator’s lifecycle, the number of maintenance issues/expenses will be comparatively higher. You’ll also spend more on fuel to deliver surplus power you don’t need.

To determine the best mobility design, you need to sum the combined wattage of all the equipment drawing power. Then, compare your requirements to a complete line of soundproof generators and identify the best solution that fits your circumstances.

Whether you need mobile power for disaster relief or live entertainment, CK Power brings you options.

Power your application at minimal cost and maximum efficiency

Mobile generator solutions from CK Power add greater precision for guaranteed improved performance and efficiency. These include:

  • Powerful reliable electronics
  • Next-generation fuel systems
  • Innovative air ducts
  • Durable after-treatment components
  • Lower ownership costs over total life cycle
  • Custom maintenance programs
  • Cradle-to-grave support
  • Minimal changes to existing application

The perfect mobile generator is out there — and we’ll help you find it

Our process helps you find your ideal mobile generator, fast. Choose from our long list of standard engineered solutions or craft your own with parts from John Deere, Volvo Penta and Kubota.

If something from our catalog comes close we can alter it to match your application’s specs. We tailor products to your needs. From powering agriculture equipment to providing remote disaster relief, our engineers have built for leaders across a dozen industries.

For immediate standby solutions, we offer skid-mounted, towable and stationary rentals.

For power classes up to 1250kW, we recommend containerized gen-sets.

And if just a few engines in your existing application need restoration to meet EPA Tier 4 requirements, explore our affordable refurbishment program.

Acceptance testing before installation

To prove your mobile generator operates as intended, we run it through our diagnostics test cell first. This ensures you get the most power from the lightest, quietest package possible. If you change your mind about needing critical grade silencers or easier maintenance access, we’ll modify and deliver.

This also builds another level of certainty. So, when your perfectly designed, driver-friendly generator arrives, you can confidently maneuver on-site.

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKG15AKM  12kW 15kW
CKG25AKM  20kW 25kW
CKG35AKM  30kW 35kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKG60TDM  45kW  50kW
CKG68TDM  50kW  55kW
CKG75TDM  60kW  65kW
CKG100TDM  75kW  80kW
CKG137TDM  100kW  110kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKG175TVM 120kW 140kW
CKG200TVM 140kW 160kW
CKG230TVM 160kW 180kW
CKG250TVM 180kW 200kW
CKG300TVM 225kW 250kW
CKG375TVM 275kW 300kW
CKG430TVM 325kW 350kW
CKG680TVM 500kW 550kW
CKG780TVM 550kW 625kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKG875PVM 650kW 700kW
CKG1025PVM 750kW 820kW
CKG1175PVM 850kW 940kW
CKG1375PVM 1000kW 1100kW
CKG1560PVM 1100kW 1250kW