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Configuring high-kW Tier 4 Final generators to the needs of the heavy-duty rental market

Custom high kW containerized generatorAlta Equipment Company —one of the Volvo heavy-duty equipment companies in the country— is a long-standing partner of CK Power. Over the years, we’ve custom-built hundreds of units for their fleet, meeting the power and performance requirements of their end users.

Back at the beginning of the transition to Tier 4, we custom-engineered some of the first user-friendly Tier 4 generators in North America for their fleet. And more recently, Alta identified the need for a fleet of high-power —and Tier 4 Final compliant— generators with the durability and functionality to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications.

Our line of resilient, Tier 4 Certified containerized generators, ranging from 500 kW generators to 1250 kW dual packs, was the perfect fit. But we knew that no off-the-shelf unit would work — so we collaborated with Alta’s power division management team to configure a fleet of generators with bells, whistles and power needed at construction job sites, festivals and rock crushing plants.

The CK Power process: Pre-sale innovation, on-time delivery, post-sale support

Our goal was to design, build and deliver a fleet of containerized generators exactly tailored to the needs of Alta’s customers. The time and effort we put in on the front end —and the ongoing training, maintenance and product support we provide— is why Alta’s customers continue to be pleased with their performance in the field.

Alta specifically needed these units to meet the needs of their rock crushing market in the Midwest. Our containerized generators come in large, durable 20-, 40- and 53-foot containers well-suited to harsh, high-debris conditions of their customers’ end use applications. These large containers are not only incredibly durable, but they also provide more room for fuel storage and customizations. Alta’s units were equipped with a battery charger, custom controls and block heaters to enable performance in lower temperatures of their customers’ applications.

In the end, Alta ordered 500 and 600 kW units in 20-foot containers customized with features such as:

  • Sound attenuation of 75 to 80 dB(A) heard at 7 meters.
  • A reliable Tier 4 solution built on the proven Volvo Penta 16L engine to match their line of Volvo heavy equipment.
  • External fuel, oil, coolant and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) supply and return to make re-supplying the unit easier.
  • A fifth-wheel chassis for easy transport to and from job sites.
  • Four access doors.
  • LED interior lighting for ease of access and maintenance.
  • An access ladder integrated into the ISO container.
  • An external emergency stop button for enhanced safety.
  • 10% overload capacity on rated power output of the unit.
  • A battery charger.
  • Sand traps and filters for performance in high-debris environments.

The design of the finished product was the result of a great deal of consultation and configuration between the CK Power and Alta teams — and our signature flexibility to build the generator and the packaging around the needs of the customer and their target market. And we built and delivered these industry-leading products in an industry standard lead time: 12 weeks from order to delivery, after they gave us the green light on the design.

Because every product we build comes with cradle-to-grave support and service, our involvement was far from over after the initial sale. We continue to provide product training and support to Alta’s team and their customers to ensure they’re giving their customers the best product and service in the market.

Looking forward, Alta is continuing to work with CK Power to expand their portfolio of offerings and stay ahead of the market. To learn more about our time-tested partnership with Alta Equipment Company, read about how we designed and built their fleet of Tier 4 mobile generators.

Expand your fleet to meet the needs of higher power applications

Our containerized generators are some of the only high-power units on the market today meeting Tier 4 emissions requirements. And because rental power equipment needs vary widely from location to location and market to market, we intentionally created these units to be highly configurable to the performance and usability requirements of any end-use application.

They’re field-proven, equipped to meet the needs of the rental market and ready for sale today. Whether you order one unit or 100, we can scale our manufacturing to meet your needs.

With smart solutions such as the dual pack configuration —which can be used to meet power needs 1000 kW and above or achieve redundancy at lower kW outputs— and a host of configurations and options, you can design your units around the your target market.

Reach out to us today. We’ll start a conversation about how our tenured engineering team can configure a fleet of generators to your usability and performance requirements.