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A reliable engine distributor makes it easier for distributors to provide engines to customers and OEMs to find an engine suited for their application. By fostering a symbiotic relationship, CK Power is able to anticipate clients’ needs, work concurrently to find solutions and ensure the availabi...


Often, diesel engines can last for years with proper maintenance and care. Eventually, after many hours of use, servicing and maintenance, any engine will wear out and need replacement. Since the average diesel engine is capable of lasting for such a long time, specifications and attributes often c...


Automated power units (APU) are considered a prime mover engine for pump jack applications in the oil and gas field. They are much more cost effective on the front end than electric driven motors or generator power, they can be completely automated with custom controller options and they run off a ...


When opting for a generator, whether as a prime-power or stand-by power source, there are two routes to go with – diesel or gas generators. Both generator set options have distinct benefits and require a deeper look at the application along with some personal preference analysis. From cost and re...

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