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Should you buy or rent a commercial generator?

So, you’ve decided the need for a generator, whether it’s standby or prime power, is too important to ignore. What’s your next step? Should you invest in the purchase of a generator? Maybe renting is the better option. There isn’t a clear-cut answer. An overview of your application, financial capabilities and time frame of need are the prominent considerations to look at when deciding the means of procuring a generator.

Rent vs. buy cost comparison

For many, costs will be the determining factor as to whether they decide to purchase or rent a commercial diesel generator. A commercial generator rental is a great way to obtain power generation without the need to expend capital venture to buy a generator. For short-term use, a commercial generator rental is a cost savvy way to save money. This will change drastically in the long-term though. Any long-term rental will eventually cost more than owning a generator.

While rentals are a fraction of the cost of purchasing a generator, it is an easy calculation to determine what the better option would be. If you need a generator longer than the time frame it would take for rental costs to equal the purchase cost, investing would be the better cost-saving option.

But, cost doesn’t have to be the end all be all. If you can’t afford the initial investment when purchasing a generator, CK Power has the flexibility to ensure you still receive a power generation solution beyond simply renting a generator. Rent-to-own options are certainly a viable method for flexible payment while still procuring a commercial generator.

Advantages of buying a commercial generator

Should you need a generator in the long-term, such as having standby or prime power for your facility, investing in a generator will lead toward cost savings in addition to mitigating risks associated with not having a permanent power supply. Investing in a standby and prime power solution will ensure no downtime in power generation for your businesses operations. 

If your application needs a custom engineered solution, purchasing is your ideal option. A customized generator is specific to the application’s needs, not anyone else’s. A commercial generator rental uses a variety of prefabricated generators that can’t be customized to specific applications.

Advantages of a commercial generator rental

If the generator is only needed for a short period of time, a more cost-effective consideration would be to rent a plug-and-play generator for your needs. If you only need a moving van for a week, you’re not going to go out and buy a moving van.

The most common generator rentals are for mobile efforts and disaster relief. If a disaster occurs and you don’t have a standby generator, renting a generator is a great way to return power to your business until utility power returns. Additionally, mobile generators are popular for applications “in the field” or away from utility power sources. Oil and gas companies that need power in the field may find generator rentals more flexible than figuring out the logistics of storing a fleet of mobile generators.

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Generator maintenance is a key component to ensuring the lights stay on and all electrical systems are running optimally with no risk of downtime. Our generator maintenance guide will give you the tools needed to keep your generator running optimally in any situation.