Before the rollout of Tier 4 regulations, general upkeep and ordering replacements was relatively easy. You’d call your local engine distributor, tell them the dimensions and power range, and await an invoice.

But newer models — with advanced technology to keep your operations compliant — are larger by design, inconveniencing you to change your master specifications.

While standard products might not meet every requirement you have, they’re a good place to start your custom solution.

Open our catalog of Tier 4 power packages. If an existing offer matches your size, load or capability needs, you can modify the rest as necessary. If nothing comes remotely close to what you need, start from fresh.

With hundreds of successful product launches already, our team has the experience to engineer the perfect power solution your application needs.

Step one: a custom consultation

Our thorough custom design process starts with a phone call or email inquiry:

  • What are your space constraints?
  • How powerful does your custom genset need to be?
  • Are you adding to a standby, prime or continuous application?

This is the first step in developing a design around your performance and usability requirements. It’s also a good time to discuss your budget and expectations. (If you just need a quick quote, check out our complimentary spec review service.)

Step two: collaborate with a responsive parts and service department

Other engine distributors provide you with a selection from one brand. But by partnering with four, you get more options, large inventory access and attentive after-sales service.

Solutions by John Deere, Volvo Penta and Kubota come with new-gen features for improved performance and efficiency. These include:

  • Powerful, reliable electronics to monitor maintenance
  • Optimized fuel consumption with next-gen intake systems
  • Innovative air ducts that generate smooth air flow
  • Durable after-treatment components to meet Tier 4 standards

Step three: design and development

After a few meetings, our engineers will draw the simplest design to face your application challenge. At the conceptual modeling stage, you can pitch feedback and modifications until you land on a solution that meets your exact needs. Via an interactive 3D model, you can expand (or explode) the design asset to see where parts lie and what functions they serve.

Once both parties are on the same page — and every detail is signed off — parts are ordered.

And your completely new product specifically tailored to your application is underway.

Step four: in-house diagnostics

After engineering your fully customized power unit, it gets transferred to our diagnostics test cell.

While this helps identify any misfires, it also guarantees you get the most power from the lightest, quietest package possible.

And it lets us examine:

  • Does the muffler dampen engine noise the way it’s supposed to?
  • Is the controller converting generated power to the correct voltage?

Your product won’t leave our shop until it works its best.

Step five: launch and installation

Once approved, your custom product gets shipped to you. If it’s for a stationary application within driving distance, our team can haul the package over and connect it securely on arrival. For more distant customers, our engineers can fly to your facility.

For CK Power seamless implementation goes beyond delivery. The personnel that will interact daily with your new equipment need to be trained.

During this phase, your team members will learn how to use your new product safely. Each will be given personalized instruction booklets containing best practices.

Add industry-specific features to simplify your workday

Advanced technology has created tools for operators to manage their applications better. From internet capabilities to easy-to-use components, these extra features can help your operations work more efficiently:

  • Geofencing — never lose a mobile power unit again
  • Monitor fuel and maintenance from a phone
  • Easily hardwire transfer switches from a two-wire start
  • Galvanized metal enclosures to fight rust
  • Corrosion-resistant coats for harsh weather
  • Save more with flexible warranty plans

After-sale service and maintenance plans

Unlike other engine distributors and power providers, our line of communication won’t flicker after product launch.

By scheduling your filter change and fuel cleanse months in advance, you can prevent unexpected machine failures that lead to downtime. Just set up a maintenance plan. Our experienced service providers will do the rest.

For immediate assistance, a technician can be sent on-site. Fast.

Start your power consultation now

Whatever your generator application requires, we’re committed to supplying you with a fuel-efficient, reliable solution. If you’re looking for something beyond the catalog, contact us to get started on your custom unit or gen-set.