Our engineering team works with original equipment manufacturers to ensure they’re able to find a power unit solution that fits in seamlessly with their applications and processes.

Agricultural equipment, severe-duty construction and forestry equipment, tractors, generators, compressors and pumps all need a power solution that’s as tough as the work they do. Luckily, if it works hard and needs an engineered power solution that can keep up, CK Power can supply it.

But it’s about more than simply supplying a workable power solution. At a time when new, Tier 4 engine emission standards are forcing manufacturers to modify well-established practices, CK Power is there to help ease the transition. Making sure that the same measures that make your products final Tier 4 compliant also fit in with existing operations can be a huge challenge for manufacturers. Ordering the right Tier 4 equipment, making sure it conforms to existing base constraints and that your product doesn’t now come with unnecessary downtime from regeneration have the potential to become major issues for the OEM market. CK Power is helping our clients to solve those common Tier 4 problems.

We don’t just manufacture power solutions that satisfy the new regulations. We engineer solutions that work with your current OEM operations, because accommodating a new gen set shouldn’t mean starting from scratch.

We offer OEM solutions including:

  • Diesel & Natural Gas Power units
  • Complete or partial gen-sets
  • Power solutions custom engineered to fit your manufacturing process

If you’re shopping around for a power supplier for a new OEM line, or you need a power generation solution that’s custom-tailored to a well-established manufacturing process, CK Power has an engineering team with the know-how to design the right solution for your application.

Get in touch with us to talk to a CK Power representative about the right OEM solution for you.