Portable generators provide forward operating bases with heated water, movie sets with charging ports and food trucks with hot stoves.

They can also be used to secure power in remote locations in the event of a hurricane — and can supply existing applications with extra power density.

So whether you’re on the go or just need a sized generator to meet compliance, bring us your specs. We’ll help you find the solution that’s just right.

Engineered for unique applications

Working with a limited amount of space? We’ll develop a custom design that fits in your exact footprint, preserve maintenance access and keep you from having to replace surrounding equipment.

Or maybe you need minimal sound. No problem, our generator casings come with insulated, sound-attenuating materials that absorb noise to keep job site environments quiet.

Aside from its footprint and capabilities, every generator must still adhere to Tier 4 emissions standards. Count on our exhaust control technology to keep you compliant and your equipment powered for hours — on the road, across any terrain.

Power your application at minimal cost and maximum efficiency

Portable generator solutions from CK Power add greater precision for guaranteed improved performance and efficiency. These include:

  • Powerful reliable electronics
  • Next-generation fuel systems
  • Innovative air ducts
  • Durable after-treatment components
  • Lower ownership costs over total life cycle
  • Custom maintenance programs
  • Cradle-to-grave support
  • Minimal changes to existing application

The perfect portable generator is out there — and we’ll help you find it

Our process helps you find your ideal portable generator, fast. Choose from our long list of standard engineered solutions or craft your own with parts from John Deere, Volvo Penta and Kubota.

If something from our catalog comes close we can alter it to match your application’s specs. We tailor products to your needs. From powering agriculture equipment to providing remote disaster relief, our engineers have built for leaders across a dozen industries.

For immediate standby solutions, we offer skid-mounted, towable and stationary rentals.

For power classes up to 1250kW, we recommend containerized gen-sets.

And if just a few engines in your existing application need restoration to meet EPA Tier 4 requirements, explore our affordable refurbishment program.

Acceptance testing before installation

To prove your portable generator operates as intended, we run it through our diagnostics test cell first. This ensures you get the most power from the lightest, quietest package possible. If you change your mind about needing critical grade silencers or easier maintenance access, we’ll modify and deliver.

Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK7KM-T4-OP 6.5kW 7kW
CK12KM-T4-OP 10kW 12kW
CK15KM-T4-OP 12kW 15kW
CK25KM-T4-OP >20kW >25kW
CK35KM-T4-OP 30kW 35kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CKSS12KM-T4-OP 10kW 12kW
CKSS15KM-T4-OP 12kW 15kW
CKSS25KM-T4-OP 20kW 25kW
CKSS35KM-T4-OP 30kW 35kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK3SV2 3kW N/A
CK7KM-T4-ENC 6.5kW 7kW
CK12KM-T4-ENC 10kW 12kW
CK15KM-T4-ENC 12kW 15kW
CK25KM-T4-ENC 20kW 25kW
CK35KM-T4-ENC 30kW 35kW
Model Prime kW Standby kW
CK3SV2 3kW N/A
CKSS7KM-T4-ENC 6.5kw 7kW
CKSS12KM-T4-ENC 10kW 12kW
CKSS15KM-T4-ENC 12kW 15kW
CKSS25KM-T4-ENC 20kW 25kW
CKSS35KM-T4-ENC 30kW 35kW