When diesel fuel gets too pricey, operators turn to natural gas generators. While both fluctuate over time, natural gas prices largely hinge on domestic trade while oil prices are determined by global events.

Most natural gas consumed in the U.S. comes from Texas, but the benefits go beyond its closeness to home and long-term fuel savings.

Natural gas and liquid propane (NG/LP) generators cost less to assemble saving you extra cash. It also burns cleaner, so you won’t have to worry about wet stacking. Best of all, they emit low levels of noise and odor, so you can work in environments that border residential homes or commercial spaces.

Natural gas is more reliable, cost-effective and clean

With power outages from severe weather at an all-time high, many businesses and homeowners turn to natural gas generators for standby power.

When blackouts strike, emergency generators switch on automatically. They connect directly to gas lines, eliminating the need to store or transport fuel on-site.

Alternatively, natural gas generators supply prime power via trailer or containerized set for job sites off the grid. Since you won’t be tapped into a municipal gas pipe, remote applications require trucks to deliver natural gas periodically to keep equipment humming.

In the fracking industry, these generators filter moisture from the escaped excavation gasses and repurpose them back into fuel. Instead of an unwanted byproduct, you get “free” energy that recirculates back into the rest of the application.

And natural gas generators emit less harmful pollutants into the environment, making it easy to meet strict EPA regulations.

Power your application at minimal cost and maximum efficiency

NG/LP generator solutions give you greater precision for guaranteed improved performance and efficiency. These include:

  • Powerful, reliable electronics to monitor maintenance
  • Next-generation fuel systems for efficiency
  • Innovative air ducts for smooth air flow
  • Durable after-treatment components to meet Tier 4 compliance
  • Lower ownership costs over total life cycle
  • Custom maintenance programs to boost machine performance
  • Cradle-to-grave support from a team of expert engineers

The perfect natural gas unit is out there — and we’ll help you find it

Our process helps you find your ideal natural gas unit, fast. Choose from our long list of standard engineered solutions or craft your own.

If something from our catalog comes close we can alter it to match your application’s specs. We tailor products to your needs. From powering agriculture equipment to providing remote disaster relief, our engineers have built for leaders across a dozen industries.

For immediate standby solutions, we offer skid-mounted, towable and stationary rentals.

For power classes up to 1250kW, we recommend containerized gen-sets.

And if just a few engines in your existing application need restoration to meet EPA Tier 4 requirements, explore our affordable refurbishment program.

Acceptance testing before installation

To prove your NG/LP generator operates as intended, we run it through our diagnostics test cell first. This ensures you get the most power from the lightest, quietest package possible. If you change your mind about needing critical grade silencers or easier maintenance access, we’ll modify and deliver.

This is about peace of mind. When your perfectly designed, twin gen-set arrives, you can confidently parallel your existing generators to it — all seamlessly.

CKG31 25kW / 31kVA EPA Cert. Wellhead NG
CKG100 80kW / 100kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG175 140kW / 175kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG250 200kW / 250kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG285 230kW / 285kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG335 270kW / 335kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG375 300kW / 375kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG
CKG500 400kW / 500kVA EPA Cert. Commercial NG