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Dependable power on the water. Reliable service on land. CK Power is your trusted partner for John Deere marine engines and generators.

From our nation’s rivers to the open water, our customizable marine engines and generators will keep your commercial vessels running.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Customizable marine power solutions tailored to your application
  • A full catalogue of John Deere marine generators, diesel engines and auxiliary power units
  • Quick lead times and durable products
  • Experienced sales engineers
  • Unparalleled service for maintenance and repair
  • Mounting assistance for your vessels
  • Options for push boats, speedboats, tugboats and other commercial applications

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Marine generator power up to 300 kW

A John Deere marine generator

The last thing you want is to get stranded on the water with no power. That’s why we engineer marine power solutions to your exact specifications using John Deere engines, gensets and auxiliary power units. Your vessels always get precisely what you need — dependable power and minimal downtime.


Customize your power solution
A John Deere marine generator

Powerful marine engines, powerful support

Our marine engines have supplied the nation’s river systems with reliable power for decades. But we can help you on land, too. With both gaseous and diesel options from John Deere, as well as a superior service network for maintenance and repairs, we have you covered on and off the water.

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Should you repower or replace your engine?

If your marine generator or engine isn’t running efficiently, you might not have to replace it. Instead, repowering your equipment could be a cost-effective way to meet emissions regulations and extend its life without the expense of a new generator or engine.

Our team of experts is ready to help you chart the best path forward for your marine power solution.

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